Who we are?

JP Comfort Home is a new group home for supporting children and young persons in respects to their rights and responsibilities.  
Our goal is to help children and young persons navigate through our social system, striving to achieving independence.  
We will cultivate an environment in the home that will respect culture, diversity, and respect all. 

This will be done by following ministry guidelines and principals. 

We hope to promote independence and prevent homelessness.

Our Services

JP Comfort Home will provide our children and youths with opportunities in respect to their individual program with assistance in education, employment and life skills. Our staff will provide excellent care in a new home in a growing area.

JP Comfort Home does this with compassion, respect in an inclusive environment.  This is provided through 24 hours 7 days a week support to promote positive outcomes to children and youths in our care.  

Why Choose Us

Learning from our mistakes is how we achieve growth and strive to be better everyday.

We actively share ideas and support each other to expand and improve the quality of care we deliver to the people we serve.

Our Value Proposition 

Community Services

Community Park

Walk in Clinic

Dental Clinic